Master’s in Blockchain
and Digital Currency

1) Master’s Degree in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies now offered on campus. 2) 8 Week Intensive Online course available to students worldwide. We are at the beginning of a global wave of demand for blockchain academic and professional education and certification. BAU (Bahçeşehir University Cyprus) in association with Dynamex were the first to recognize this need and have responded by launching the first official (MSc) Master's Degree and Online Intensive Course in Blockchain and Digital Currency in Northern Cyprus. Available to all prospective students worldwide.

The courses are designed to educate and promote a better understanding of the technical underpinnings of cyrptocurrencies and blockchain technology, how it will interact with existing monetary and financial systems, and what opportunities exist for innovation in digital currency systems.

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Accelerating academic
research and real-world
blockchain solutions.
The Future belongs to you.


Education is the Backbone of

As has been the case with other revolutionary technologies, academia unlocks blockchain’s real power through curriculum, research, technical innovation and knowledge sharing. The Dynamex Blockchain Academy in collaboration with BAU (Bahçeşehir Cyprus University) have come together in order to advance blockchain education and real-world solutions in digital payments and beyond. Our program provides students and faculty with strategic guidance, technical resources and financial support.

Building Tomorrow’s Diverse Fintech Workforce

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University and Dynamex are committed to engaging and educating students with diverse backgrounds and making it more likely that they can become part of the Fintech workforce of the future and ensure that solutions in blockchain, distributed computing and digital finance serve everyone.

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