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At Dynamex, we believe the future of financial technology is going to be powered by blockchain technology. We’re on a mission to build a fintech ecosystem that will enable secure, instant and efficient fiat and digital asset transactions for forward thinking businesses and individuals from around the world.
At Your Location Our Beginnings Dynamex was a vision of the future while Crypto and Fintech were still in their infancy. We saw their potential to revolutionize the financial industry making transactions faster, more secure and less expensive.
On Your Website Our Mission To develop and create financial solutions and blockchain payment technologies to transform how businesses and individuals send, receive, exchange and store money.
By Message Our Future Fintech and Blockchain’s future look very bright, and we plan on remaining at the forefront of this technology, creating more tools and services for everyone to use and benefit from in innovative and new ways.

Executive Team

We are a progressive team of innovative and talented individuals with a collective passion,
expertise and vision in the future of fintech.
Dervise Guryayli Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer Former Bradford & Bingley Treasury Advisory Team Leader and Natwest PLC Chief Cashier, Financial Analyst, Specialist in Cash & Auditing with extensive knowledge and experience gained within financial institutional environments.
Ahmet Ercan Chief Technical Officer Over 14 years of experience in creating robust enterprise applications and Fintech Solutions, Development for Web Services & real-time servers, IT & Software Development Expert with full lifecycle project management.
Samet Pehlivan Creative Director Extensive experience shaping and developing global brands through graphic design, communication design and advertising. Brand asset and identity development expert, possessing award winning accolade for fortune 500 client.
Sameeh Ahmad Zaman Accounts & Auditing Manager Accounting and Auditing expert with 7 years high level experience managing the organization’s financial reports. Specializing in fiscal management. MA in Economics.
Arif Ali Business Development Manager Expert Growth Hacker with extensive knowledge in business development, focused on Product and Brand Asset Development and Strategies.
Helen Ukamaka O. OTC Desk Officer Specialized in implementing customer relations-driven business development, growth, and African continent communications expert.
Nancy Nneoma OTC Desk Officer Customer relations and business development skills with extensive experience in international communications and digital marketing. MSc in International Relations.
Elena Astakhova AML & Compliance Officer Operations Professional, specialising in organisational structure and management with extensive experience & knowledge in Compliance and KYC implementation, MSc in Business & Economics.
Costas Karaviotis Global Partnerships & Relations Manager With 35 years of experience as a legal executive and EU certified accountant, Costas leads Dynamex’s relationships with international partnerships as well as regulatory and compliance implementation.
Gehad Fahmy (Gigi) Risk & Financial Analyst Extensive experience as a market maker and specialist in implementing data-driven business development, financial, risk metrics and portfolio trends into actionable insights that improve decision making, performance and business growth.


Our advisory team are seasoned industry experts whom provide expert knowledge and consultancy to
our company and are invaluable assets to our organizations growth.
Rasim Karas Business Strategy & Digital Media Advisor Seasoned corporate expert with an in depth diversified knowledge and experience in operations, IT, HR, marketing, public relations, telecommunications and digital media implementation. With a career spanning management roles at Frito-Lay and Danone, he also served as head of SCM of Vodafone Turkey and General manager of Vodafone Cyprus and currently Secretary General in Sabancı University.
Liam Ballard Payments & Foreign Exchange Consultant and Director of Monetæ FX A Fintech expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the forex market and payment gateway technologies. A customer services specialist with several years of experience dealing with many corporate clients such as SME companies as well as PLC's.

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