Transforming Global Payments

We simplify cross-border payments so you can focus on sending and receiving funds to and from your friends and family.

Bank Deposit
Transfer money abroad instantly to bank accounts in over 30 countries.

Cash Pickup
Send money to over 100,000 pickup locations around the world.

Cash Card Reload
Top-up your DynaPay prepaid card or send funds between cards on our Dynamex App platform.

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SEND & RECEIVE MONEY Move Money However You Want Utilising a global network of banking and payment partners,
Dynamex enables you to send & receive money worldwide in any currency.

At Your Location At Your Location Visit us in person to make your payments with ease. We connect our customers with our global network of partners from around the world.
On Your Website Make Your Payment Single platform ensures your money is always protected and arrives safely every time you send or receive money.
By Message Trusted Network We support 20 currencies with over 1,000 payout partners in over 30 countries.

SEND & RECEIVE MONEY We Support More Than
30 Countries Connect to a global network of banks and partners across 30+ countries in one platform.
You can pay or collect from anyone, anywhere.


B2B Foreign Exchange Payments

Whether you’re paying overseas suppliers or making an international invenstment, we can help you effectively manage your business FX requirements through our money transfer services.
Exchange Exchange currencies at low cost using Dynamex's rates.
Pay Make local and cross-border payments to businesses with ease.
Receive Receive payments into your company's bank accounts.
DYNAMEX PAYMENT PROCESS A Better Way Send payments to your suppliers and receive funds from your customers, wherever they are.
Our global forex switching & settlement platform provides access to seamless payments solutions.
INVOICE Our global fx switching network means that you don’t need a bank account to settle your suppliers invoices. Simply go through our platform.
CONVERT FX With our global fx switching and settlement platform you have full control and risk managament on the FX rates you pay, we lock-in the best rates for your transactions.
RECEIVE MONEY Receive payments from your customers through Dynamex’s multi-country fx switching platform. Get paid directly into your bank account or pick up cash from our local branch locations.
MANAGE RATES We confirm and lock-in the best exchange rates for you based on the live FX rates provided by so you know your getting the real marketing price.
Join our Ecosystem with the Dynamex App
The Dynamex App is a user-friendly platform that provides businesses and individuals access to the Dynamex Ecosystem.